Corrida Fim da Europa
The Organisers

The Fim da Europa Race is organised by the Municipality of Sintra, in collaboration with Podium Events.



This is probably the testimony that best defines Fim da Europa's race.

Visiting one of the most enchanting landscapes in Portugal, the Vila de Sintra - UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been welcoming thousands of athletes for more than 30 years who, year after year, in the first month of each year, challenge the mysticism of Serra de Sintra.

Its characteristics, of unparalleled beauty, give it the right to be considered among the top 10 in the book World’s Ultimate Running Races, by Harper Colling Publishers, which highlights the 500 most emblematic races worldwide.

The race with a total distance of 16,945 meters, both because of the toughness of the race, the route, as well as the weather conditions that are usually felt in Sintra in January, makes it even more challenging on the last Sunday of January.

Departing in the heart of Sintra, in front of the Fonte Mourisca, passing by Largo Rainha Dona Amélia, the route continues on the Rampa da Pena, Peninha Forest Zone, winding through the Sintra mountain range, between curve and counter-curve for the first 4 kilometers are always going up. Between kilometer 4 and 10 the route oscillates between ascents and descents without great difficulty.

Arriving at kilometer 10 is what can be called “wall”, in which, surrounded by imposing trees, the route is always going up over a kilometer, which in its final phase of the climb reaches 15% of inclination.

The last part of the race is always descending over 6 km, enjoying the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, which serves as the amphitheater of the Meta placed right on top of the cliffs and next to the Cabo da Roca Lighthouse, the most western location on the European continent.

As the greatest Portuguese epic work by Luís Vaz de Camões says, "HERE WHERE THE LAND END AND THE SEA BEGINS" is where one of the oldest national races ends.



 When validating their registration, all Participants accept these rules, which are set out in the event's regulations. In case of doubt, they must inform the Organization and submit their questions in writing, via email

Making and validating his registration, each participant agrees with the terms and conditions of registration and participation in the Corrida Fim da Europa and with all the conditions of the Rules subscribing in particular the points contained in Article 10:

  1. I have read and agree with the regulation of Corrida Fim da Europa, available on the website;
  2. I am aware of my state of health and confirm that I have all the physical and psychological conditions to participate in the race;
  3. I assume that I will not participate in the race if my health conditions change after registration;
  4. I am aware of the content of the current insurance policy;
  5. When participating in the race, I freely and unconditionally authorize the Organization and the event partners to use my image. As such, I give up all the rights to use my image, namely captured in photographs and footage that will take place during the race, waiving the receipt of any amount that may be earned with its disclosure in supporting communication pieces;
  6. I participate in the race of my own free will, exempting the Organization, partners, directors, employees and other companies related to the organization of the race from any responsibility resulting from my participation, before, during and after the same (as for example loss of personal effects for theft, damage, or other circumstances).
  7. I know the conditions for canceling the Event that I fully accept


As in everything in life, we believe that civility, respect and responsibility are fundamental principles in the participation of each one in an event such as the Corrida Fim da Europa.

In this sense, we leave some important guidelines for the practice sports in group, in order to have the safest and best experience possible on the day of the race, and so we can repeat it for many years with the least impact on the environment and for everyone.


1. Environmental Responsibility

This is one of the main causes embraced by the organization of Corrida Fim de Europa, trying above all to make athletes aware of the need to change behaviors, essential for the preservation of the natural scenarios where these events are organized and for their continuity over time.

The Corrida Fim da Europa takes place mostly in the Serra de Sintra, a protected area of ​​enormous beauty and environmental value. This fact should be a reason for all the people involved in this event, from the organization to the participants to behave in an exemplary manner, safeguarding the value of this natural landscape and the sustainability of the Corrida Fim da Europa.

Such behavior involves small gestures and the attitude of not throwing the garbage outside the designated areas. It means saving hours of an arduous task carried out by the volunteers along the way, searching for and picking up the rest of the wrappers left by the athletes, so that the great celebration of the Corrida Fim da Europa will leave only good memories.


2. Remember where you are

The Corrida Fim da Europa is a competition for everyone where safety, responsibility and respect for all who share the same spaces and routes used in the event override any other component, including the competitive one.


3. Prepare in advance

Make sure that you have prepared a physical preparation appropriate to the effort you are going to make. It is advisable to consult a doctor to check if your health status is compatible with your participation in the Race.


4. Respect the departure times of the two starts

The first 4 kilometers of the route are ascending and cannot support a match with more than 2000 participants without the last athletes not being forced to walk. The existence of both starts serves to provide all athletes with a comfortable and safe race

Respect the indications of the staff members

Do not attempt to start on a schedule other than that which corresponds to you

Get to the start area in advance.


5. Respect others

Respect the forces of authority involved in your security

Respect all elements linked to the organization

Respect all other collaborators - pay special attention, as many of the collaborators are volunteers, not professionals, who offer their time to receive you and for the love of sports.


6. At recovery areas

Pay special attention when approaching recovery areas.

When you stop trying to eat and drink without harming others.

Consume only what is necessary until the next recovery area.

Do not urinate near recovery areas.


7. Communicate with others

Maintain eye contact with everyone who shares the route with you.

Carry your personal identification and at least one debit or credit card.

Carry your mobile phone with you, ensuring that it was your contact that you provided to the organization at the time of registration.


8. In the event of an accident

In the event of an accident, communicate with the organization through the number of SOS on the bib, providing the most accurate and objective information on:

                - The kilometer in which you are witnessing the accident

                - The apparent state of the injured person(s)