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The Organisers

The Fim da Europa Race is organised by the Municipality of Sintra, in collaboration with Podium Events.



This is probably the testimony that best defines Corrida Fim da Europa's race.

Visiting one of the most enchanting landscapes in Portugal, the Vila de Sintra - UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been welcoming thousands of athletes for more than 30 years who, year after year, in the first month of each year, challenge the mysticism of Serra de Sintra.

Its characteristics, of unparalleled beauty, give it the right to be considered among the top 10 in the book World’s Ultimate Running Races, by Harper Colling Publishers, which highlights the 500 most emblematic races worldwide.

The race with a total distance of 16,945 meters, both because of the toughness of the race, the route, as well as the weather conditions that are usually felt in Sintra in January, makes it even more challenging on the last Sunday of January.

Departing in the heart of Sintra, in front of the Fonte Mourisca, passing by Largo Rainha Dona Amélia, the route continues on the Rampa da Penha, Peninha Forest Zone, winding through the Sintra mountain range, between curve and counter-curve for the first 4 kilometers are always going up. Between kilometer 4 and 10 the route oscillates between ascents and descents without great difficulty.

Arriving at kilometer 10 is what can be called “wall”, in which, surrounded by imposing trees, the route is always going up over a kilometer, which in its final phase of the climb reaches 15% of inclination.

The last part of the race is always descending over 6 km, enjoying the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, which serves as the amphitheater of the Meta placed right on top of the cliffs and next to the Cabo da Roca Lighthouse, the most western location on the European continent.

As the greatest Portuguese epic work by Luís Vaz de Camões says, "HERE WHERE THE LAND END AND THE SEA BEGINS" is where one of the oldest national races ends.



28th - 31st JANUARY 2021

11h00 – 20h00 – Levantamento de kits de participação no Secretariado Oficial da Prova, no ALEGRO SINTRA, na Praça Central – 1º Piso, junto à Giovanni Galli.



31st JANUARY 2021

7h00 am – 8h30 am - Shuttles “Before the Race” (BUS 1) - transportation from Azóia

08h00 am - Beginning of the concentration / conviviality of the athletes near the Start Line (Fonte Mourisca - Volta do Duche).

8:00 am - 9:30 am - Delivery of belongings to the mobile cloakroom

09h50 am - Warm-up for the athletes of the 1st start

10h00 am - 1st Start

10h05 am - Warm-up for the 2nd Start athletes

10h15 am - 2nd Start

11h00 am - Estimated arrival of the first athletes

12h15 - Beginning of shuttles “After the Race” (BUS 2), to Sintra, without any other stop.

12h30 am – Prize Giving Ceremony (indicative schedule)




 When validating their registration, all Participants accept these rules, which are set out in the event's regulations. In case of doubt, they must inform the Organization and submit their questions in writing, via email

Making and validating his registration, each participant agrees with the terms and conditions of registration and participation in the Corrida Fim da Europa and with all the conditions of the Rules subscribing in particular the points contained in Article 10:

  1. I have read and agree with the regulation of Corrida Fim da Europa, available on the website;
  2. I am aware of my state of health and confirm that I have all the physical and psychological conditions to participate in the race;
  3. I assume that I will not participate in the race if my health conditions change after registration;
  4. I am aware of the content of the current insurance policy;
  5. When participating in the race, I freely and unconditionally authorize the Organization and the event partners to use my image. As such, I give up all the rights to use my image, namely captured in photographs and footage that will take place during the race, waiving the receipt of any amount that may be earned with its disclosure in supporting communication pieces;
  6. I participate in the race of my own free will, exempting the Organization, partners, directors, employees and other companies related to the organization of the race from any responsibility resulting from my participation, before, during and after the same (as for example loss of personal effects for theft, damage, or other circumstances).
  7. I know the conditions for canceling the Event that I fully accept


As in everything in life, we believe that civility, respect and responsibility are fundamental principles in the participation of each one in an event such as the Corrida Fim da Europa.

In this sense, we leave some important guidelines for the practice sports in group, in order to have the safest and best experience possible on the day of the race, and so we can repeat it for many years with the least impact on the environment and for everyone.


1. Environmental Responsibility

This is one of the main causes embraced by the organization of Corrida Fim de Europa, trying above all to make athletes aware of the need to change behaviors, essential for the preservation of the natural scenarios where these events are organized and for their continuity over time.

The Corrida Fim da Europa takes place mostly in the Serra de Sintra, a protected area of ​​enormous beauty and environmental value. This fact should be a reason for all the people involved in this event, from the organization to the participants to behave in an exemplary manner, safeguarding the value of this natural landscape and the sustainability of the Corrida Fim da Europa.

Such behavior involves small gestures and the attitude of not throwing the garbage outside the designated areas. It means saving hours of an arduous task carried out by the volunteers along the way, searching for and picking up the rest of the wrappers left by the athletes, so that the great celebration of the Corrida Fim da Europa will leave only good memories.


2. Remember where you are

The Corrida Fim da Europa is a competition for everyone where safety, responsibility and respect for all who share the same spaces and routes used in the event override any other component, including the competitive one.


3. Prepare in advance

Make sure that you have prepared a physical preparation appropriate to the effort you are going to make. It is advisable to consult a doctor to check if your health status is compatible with your participation in the Race.


4. Respect the departure times of the two starts

The first 4 kilometers of the route are ascending and cannot support a match with more than 2000 participants without the last athletes not being forced to walk. The existence of both starts serves to provide all athletes with a comfortable and safe race

Respect the indications of the staff members

Do not attempt to start on a schedule other than that which corresponds to you

Get to the start area in advance.


5. Respect others

Respect the forces of authority involved in your security

Respect all elements linked to the organization

Respect all other collaborators - pay special attention, as many of the collaborators are volunteers, not professionals, who offer their time to receive you and for the love of sports.


6. At recovery areas

Pay special attention when approaching recovery areas.

When you stop trying to eat and drink without harming others.

Consume only what is necessary until the next recovery area.

Do not urinate near recovery areas.


7. Communicate with others

Maintain eye contact with everyone who shares the route with you.

Carry your personal identification and at least one debit or credit card.

Carry your mobile phone with you, ensuring that it was your contact that you provided to the organization at the time of registration.


8. In the event of an accident

In the event of an accident, communicate with the organization through the number of SOS on the bib, providing the most accurate and objective information on:

                - The kilometer in which you are witnessing the accident

                - The apparent state of the injured person(s)


The Rules



1. The Organiser

The sports event 30th “Fim da Europa” Race (hereinafter referred to as “Race”) is organised by the following entities:

Sintra City Council, registered with the Companies Registry of Lisbon under no. 500051062, with registered offices at Largo Dr. Virgílio Horta, 2714-501 Sintra.

In collaboration with the following entity:

Podium Events, registered with the Companies Registry of Lisbon under no. 504197088, with registered offices at AV. Engº Duarte Pacheco nº 19 – 6º Dto, Lisbon.

The aforementioned entities organise the Race, which is exclusively and compulsorily disputed by the participants who have dully registered and have been accepted to the race, and in the terms set forth by the present Rules.

Hereinafter referred to as “Organisers”.


2. Participation:

2.1 Participation Terms:

Participation is open to all interested persons, regardless of nationality or gender, provided that duly registered, in compliance with the present Rules.

The 30th “Fim da Europa” Race is a competitive event of road racing.

Please beware that the route from Sintra city centre to Cabo da Roca, goes through the whole Sintra mountain range, which is a sinuous, grueling and technically challenging course.

Participants have 2h30 to finish 17 km, thus having to take less than 55 minutes to finish the first 5 kilometres and less than 1h30 to finish the 10 kilometres. The athletes that go over these times will be out of the race.

The organiser’s insurance liability ceases at the exact moment the official timing of the Event is ended (refer to point “5. Insurance “of these Rules)

The use of mobility aids, such as bicycles, skates, rollerblades or wheelchairs, being escorted by pets or pushing children’s prams is not allowed.

During the race, it is equally prohibited to escort the participants with any type of vehicle, motorised or otherwise.


2.2 Registrations:

2.2.1 Tipo e preço das inscrições

Registration is limited to 3000 athletes and should be completed by the 31st of December 2019 solely via the website . Registrations are not refundable.

Participants that wish to compete for top places must select the option of the first start time (10h00) when registering. Should this option no longer be available, the athlete should register for the second start and request the organisers to change the registration from second to first start. This request must be done by the 31st of December. For this effect, the participant must submit evidence of their ability to reach such places, namely by providing proof of three events in which they have come in the top 10 overall places or the top 3 in their category. 

PLEASE NOTE: Changes concerning the registration information can only be done by the 31st of December 2019 (except change of transportation).


After this date, it will not be possible to alter any information regarding the participant.

The registration price varies depending on order of registration and type of transportation chosen, as per the pricing table below:


Registration Dates

Without Transportation

With Transportation

BUS 1 Before the Race

BUS 2 After the Race

From 1 to 1000

17th September

16,00 €

18,00 €

20,00 €

From 1001 to 2000

After the closing of phase I

18,00 €

20,00 €

21,50 €

From 2001 to 3000

After the closing of phase II

20,00 €

21,50 €

22,50 €

Following the rules applied to international races, the organisers have decided not to allow for entries to be transferable, as this would be unfair for the countless athletes that were not able to register.

Please, bear in mind that running without a bib or wearing a borrowed bib is not allowed. In doing so, you will not be covered by insurance and will not be allowed to use the transportation and provisions supplied by the organisers.

The organisers will do everything within their reach to prevent such situations.


2.2.2 Category

Only athletes that meet the age requirements in the table below on the date of the race, are allowed to register the 30th “Fim da Europa” race.





18-34 years old

M35 and M35

35-39 years old

M40 and F40

40-44 years old

M45 and F45

45-49 years old

M50 and F50

50-54 years old

M55 and F55

55-59 years old

M60 and F60

60-64 years old

M65 and F65

65 years old or older

*Participants, of all genders,of the 30th “Fim da Europa” Race must be at least 18 years of age (Juniors) in order to participate in the race and will be included in the “Seniors” category.


2.2.3 Means of Payment:

The Means of Payment available for the registered participants residing in Portugal are the following:

Multibanco; Mbway; Mastercard; Pay Pal

The means of payment have a 48-hour limit, time after which the registered participant must ask for new payment information.

Athletes not residing in Portugal, may pay via Paypal or bank transfer.


2.2.4 Closign of registrations

Registrations may be closed before the aforementioned date, when the established limited is reached.


3. Medical Assistance

The Organisers will provide medical support to all participating athletes as ambulances will be available throughout the race course and at the start and finish lines.

Should a participant require further medical assistance, such assistance will be provided by the national health service under the latter’s responsibility.


4. Safety

Law enforcement shall manage, plan, control and eliminate unauthorised traffic during the race, as well as guarantee overall safety.

However, neither the Organisers nor law enforcement will be held responsible for any accidents or any harm caused to participants by third parties.


5. Insurance

All participating athletes registered according to these Rules, are entitled to a personal accident insurance that covers personal accidents for the duration of the race.

This insurance deductible, which is to be paid by the insured, is 60 euros.

The organiser’s insurance liability ceases at the exact moment the official timing of the Event is stopped.

Agreed Insurance Coverage


Death or Permanent Disability

28 046,00 €

Funeral Expenses

2 244,00 €

Treatment and Repatriation Expenses

4 487,00 €

Insurance Deductable

60,00 €


6. Image Rights

The registration in this event and the acceptance of these rules automatically imply that the Participant authorises the Organisers to full or partially capture the Participant during the event. These images may be used freely in the promotion and advertising of the event in every media channel (television, radio, press, internet, billboards, cards and fliers, photos and videos). The Participant therein grants the Organisers all image rights aforementioned for the purpose of commercial use and advertising, forfeiting the right to receive any financial compensation from the Organisers.


7. Commercial and Advertising Rights

The Organisers exclusively hold the advertising and commercial rights of the Race, thus becoming their responsibility to negotiate and manage such rights on behalf and for the benefit of all participants, sponsors, partners and other entities.

The Organisers exclusively hold the right to receive, withhold and distribute all revenue resulting from the commercial use of the commercial and advertising rights.

All Participants must scrupulously abide by all commercial contracts and agreements concerning the commercial use of the Race.

Participants must make every possible effort to ensure the compliance with the obligations undertaken thereunder by the Organisers.

Except when given express consent by the Organisers, the Participant is expressly prohibited to display or put up any publicity, and promote companies, products, goods, equipment or services, during the Race.

The Participant is responsible for any obligations resulting from the use of registered trademarks, patents and licenses of intellectual property rights, during the Race and upon its completion.

Should the Organisers be sued for breaching any of the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Participant is then bound to compensate the Organisers for every expense resulting from such breach.


8. Ecoresponsability

The Participants are required to behave in a responsible manner in what concerns the cleanliness and protection of the environment in every area used during the event, including the race course, the starting point and the finish line. Littering is expressly prohibited during and after the Race. When applicable, it is the Participants’ responsibility to keep any rubbish derived from the food and beverages distributed during the Race. Rubbish bins provided by the Organisers will be placed along the race course and at the finishing line. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the immediate exclusion of the Participant, as well as exclusion from participating in any other events organised by the same Organisers.


9. Cancellation or Postponement of the Race

There are several reasons that might force the Organisers to suspend, postpone or cancel the Race, as well as change the location, schedule or course of the Race. In none of these circumstances may the Organisers be held accountable for breach of contract. Consequently, no accountability will be asked of the Organisers, as they shall not be obliged to financially, or in any other way, compensate any athlete, person or entity by this fact.


10. Acceptance of the Term of Responsibility

By registering, all Participants accept the present rules and, should any doubt or situation not foreseen here arise, they should inform the Organisers and present such queries in writing.

By clicking the box, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of registration and participation in the Race and to all the conditions in the present Rules, which is the equivalent to declaring the following:

  1. I have read and agree to the Official Rules of the “Fim da Europa” Race, made available on the website ;
  2. I am aware of my health status and confirm that I meet the physical and mental requirements to take part in the Race;
  3. I declare that I will not take part in the Race, should my health status change after registration;
  4. I am aware of the contents of the existing insurance policy;
  5. By taking part in the Race, I authorise the Organisers and their partners in this Race to use my image completely free of charge and without any restrictions. I thus yield all image rights, namely photographs and video footage captured during the Race, forfeiting to receive any earnings resulting from the diffusion of such images in communicational support pieces;
  6. It is of my own free will that I take part in this Race, exempting the Organisers, their partners, directors, associates and other companies associated with the Event, from any responsibility resulting from my participation, before, during and after the Event (for instance, loss of personal belongings by theft, damages or other circumstances);
  7. I am aware of the conditions of cancellation of the Race, which I fully accept.


11. Complaints

Complaints must be presented in writing on site at the Event’s premises or after the Race, to the following e-mail address: .


12. Liability

The Organisers shall not be liable for any harm caused to the person or property of the Participant, that are attributable to the actions of third parties. The Organisers will also not be liable for illegal actions falling outside their responsibility.

Any damage or loss suffered by the person or property of the participant will only be cause for compensation when directly caused by the Organisers. However, compensation will be limited to twice the amount of the registration.

The Organisers will not be liable for the lack of response or delays in response by medical services, the INEM (national emergency service) and ambulances.


13. Data Protection

The Organisers of the 30th “Fim da Europa” Race fully comply with the Data Protection Law in force. The athletes are fully aware and authorise the insertion and treatment of their personal data on files belonging to the Event’s Organisers. Said information will be used with the purpose of development, administrative and commercial management and other activities. The athletes must state the name they wish to see on the bib, in the participant’s list and on the final score that shall be published on the website of the Event.  In spite of the previous, the privacy policy allows the athlete to request the amendment or removal of their data by sending an e-mail request to

By confirming their registration, the Participant authorises to be contacted by Prozis, Stream Plan e Clube Desportivo e Recreativo Chronos by phone, sms and e-mail with the following purpose:

  • Payment/Billing information
  • Participants’ information
  • Classification information
  • Information on the Race

Additionally, if the Participant grants the relevant authorisation upon registration, it will authorise the Organisers to:

Process the personal data received by the Organisers or generated as consequence of registration in the Race, for the execution of general commercial actions  or adapted to the Participant’s profile, by any medium (Letter, telephone, e-mail, SMS, MMS, instant messaging apps, etc.), about products or services from the Organisers and the companies belonging to the Podium Events, S.A. group, or related to the execution and organisation of events, races and sports competitions, merchandising or similar activities, during the period of time foreseen by the Organisers in their internal policies for retaining data. The Participant can, at any moment, revoke the present authorisation.

The Participant may, at any given time, exercise their right of access, correction, cancellation/deletion,  opposition, limitation and portability recognised by the laws relating to Data Protection in force, by addressing the Organisers through registered mail with delivery receipt, at the address Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, n.º 19, 6,.º Dto, 1070- 100 Lisboa or by the following e-mail address .

Notwithstanding the Participant’s ability to exercise the aforementioned rights, the Organisers will retain the personal data provided by the Participant or generated as a consequence registration and or participation in the Race for its duration, as well as during the limitation period of judicial actions that may be presented by either party.

Once that period is over, the Organisers may retain the processed personal data with the purpose of identifying former participants in order to offer them discounts and promotional campaigns in future races, as well as to be able to provide them with products and services from the Organisers, whenever said Participants have authorised so.

For a better understanding of the data protection policies implemented by the Organisers, the Participants should consult the terms of the Privacy Policy published on the official website of the Event: 


14. Rules

By registering and validating the registration in the 30th “Fim da Europa” Race, the Participants acknowledge and fully accept the Rules, renouncing any legal action against the Organisers, derived from their participation in the Race.

These Rules are subject to change. Any changes, amendments or eventual annexes to the present Rules shall be published on the official website of the Event, and will be tacitly accepted, should there be no opposition of any of the introduced rules in a maximum of eight days from date of release, provided that such opposition is made in writing to the Organisers through the following e-mail address: .

The Organisers will set up a panel of judges, comprised of 5 members of the Organisation, who shall decide on the applicable sanctions and on every matter concerning the Race that has not been subject to these Rules, as well as to decide on any misinterpretation of the Rules.



PART II – Technical/Sports Information


15. Date / Time / Place

The 30th “Fim da Europa” Race will be held on the 26th of January 2020.

Time: 1st Start – 10h00

          2nd Start -10h15     

Start: Sintra -Volta do Duche by the Moorish Fountain.

Finish: Cabo da Roca.

Time Limit: 2h30 to finish the total course of the Race.

The race will have two starts as the first 4 kilometres of the course are uphill and do not hold more than 2000 participants, forcing the last participants to walk.

Any athlete that starts the race on a different time than the one given to them upon registering, will be disqualified.


16. Courses and Distances

The race will start by the Moorish fountain at Volta do Duche, going into Rua Visconde de Monserrate, Praça da República, Rua Gil Vicente, Rua Maria Eugénia Reis Ferreira Navarro, Estrada da Pena and turning right to the Estrada dos Capuchos up to the convent’s intersection. Then it will turn left towards Malveira and then right towards Peninha, crossing the EN 247 towards Estrada do Cabo da Roca and through Azóia, finishing at Farol da Roca (Roca’s Lighthouse) covering a total of 16.945 metres as calculated by CNEC/FPA;


17. Provision of Food and Drinks

The Organisers will provide all participating athletes with water at kilometre 4 and kilometre 9,6, as well hot tea and food at the finish line. It is forbidden to provide athletes with food and drinks outside these designated areas.


18. Participation Kit

The participation kits can be collected on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of January (between 11h00 and 20h00) at ALEGRO SINTRA, at the Praça Central (Central Square) – 1º piso (1st floor) by Giovanny Galli.

Kits will not be distributed on the date of the event. 

The bib supplied shall be placed visibly on the chest.

The chip is coded for each participant and is personal and non-transferable.

The Organisers will not be responsible for the lack of results resulting from negligent handling, improper placement and/or deterioration of the chip.

The luggage label shall be placed visibly on the bag/backpack that the participant wishes to send to the finish line.


19. Timing System

The Organisers guarantee a timing of the effective time ran by all athletes through the chip system incorporated in the bib.

The timing of each athlete starts when they cross the start line and ends at the moment they cross the finish line.

The timing of the event ends 2h30 after the second start. The roads will be open to general traffic at 12h45.


20. Control

During the Race there will be an athlete control at km 10.


21. Athlete Transportation

The Organisers will organise transportation to Sintra- Portela for all athletes that request so on their registration and will offer the following services:

BUS 1 – “Before the Race” Transportation – transportation from Azóia between 7h00 and 8h30 - transportation of athletes that park their car in Azóia, 2 km from Cabo da Roca before the start of the Race. After the race, there will be no transportation back to Azóia and the athletes will need to walk back to their car;

BUS 2 – Solely “After the Race” Transportation to Sintra (one stop). This transportation is for athletes using public transportation to Sintra (start area) or that park their car by the Sintra-Portela train station. 

Athletes must present their bib in order to make use of the provided transportation.

Depending on the number of athletes, the buses might have to do two trips from Cabo da Roca to the Sintra-Portela train station, which might cause some delay to the last athletes.

WARNING: Parking along the race course will not be allowed, particularly on the Azóia – Cabo da Roca stretch.


22. Cloakroom

A mobile cloakroom to carry the athlete’s bags to the finish line will be available on site. The athletes must ensure that they close and stow their bags properly, so that objects and/or other valuables are not lost, in which case the Organisers will not be liable.  Bags should be dully identified with the label provided by the Organisers and placed in the vans before 9h30, time after which the Organisers will not provide said luggage transportation.


23. Ranking

The rankings will be issued by category within 24 hours of the end of the Race. These rankings have the sole purpose of placing athletes within their category, according to their times, and will not be used for awarding purposes.

For the purpose of category ranking, the Organisers will consider the time given by the chip, i.e., the time the athlete takes from the start line to the crossing of the finish line.

The ranking for awarding purposes will be based on the order of arrival of the first athletes, or both genders, regardless of their start time. 


24. Awards and Prizes

All participants will receive a finisher medal at the end of the Race.

The first 3 athletes of each gender on the overall ranking will receive a prize, regardless of age/category.

The prizes will be given by order of arrival and considering the overall ranking, regardless of their start time.

The award ceremony will be held upon completion of the Race.

Prizes not awarded during the protocol ceremony, may be collected at the Divisão de Desporto (Sports Division), at Praça Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, in Sintra. The prizes can be collected by the athlete or their representative, dully identified for this purpose, by the 31st of March 2020, date after which the prizes will become property of the Organisers.


25. Unforeseen Situations

All situations not foreseen in these Rules will be settled by the Organisers and in accordance with the International Amateur Athletics’ Regulations.


26. Contacts

Official website:

E-mail for registration related matters

E-mail for general queries: