Corrida Fim da Europa

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Kits Pick Up

Available in January 25, 26 and 27 from 11am to 10pm at Alegro Sintra, 1st floor next to Benetton store.

Limited Registration

3000 places available
Online registration closes on January 24 at 08:00 pm

Two Starts

In order for athletes to be able to run comfortably in the first kilometers, two starts are made: 10 am and 10.15 am. The athletes from both starts will be grouped in the same classification, considering the individual time of their race.


All athletes who need transportation must purchase this option at the time of registration until 23:59 on 22 January.
After this date, it will not be possible to make any change to the means of transportation.
It is recommended to read carefully the regulations regarding this theme before registering.


Labeled transportation of athletes' luggage is available free of charge between the beginning and the end of the race.
Delivery of belongings available until 09:30am.
After this time, the organization does not provide any belonging transportation, and the cloakroom will follow to the Finish Line.


All participants will receive a finisher medal at the end of the race.
The prizes will be awarded by the absolute classification, that is, in the order of arrival of the athletes to the finish,


Rita Machado

Passionate about Triathlon for 7 years, she is the founder of the brand IronME, where she shares her experience in the world of sports and where she promotes, motivates and invites those around her to a healthy lifestyle. She has already done 2 IRONMAN, 8 Half Ironman's, 1 Marathon and several other running events, including trail and obstacle course (Spartan Race). She is a Triathlon Coach and is finishing the course of technical specialist in physical exercise. In her eyes IronMe is her, it's you and all those who daily overcome! Her motto of life is "Give and you will receive double" and "United We Are Stronger"!

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Fabulosa Teresa

Teresa Sepúlveda, known as the “Fabulous Teresa”, is a triathlete and started running in 2010 and since then running has become a passion. In 2014 she debuted in the mythical distance at the Lisbon Marathon and already has 9, all in different cities, taking the opportunity to fulfill one of her other passions: travel.

In 2015, after being challenged by a friend, she made her triathlon debut and has been growing in the sport ever since.

In 2019, she debuted in the Ironman distance, in which the biggest challenge beyond the distances (3.8 km + 180 km + 42 km) was to reconcile professional, personal life and training.

2022 was a great year for “Fabulous Teresa”, starting in January in the End of Europe Race for the 5th time, she participated in the Rome Marathon, became Asics Frontrunner representing our country, where she has already experienced great experiences across Europe.

And another great year full of adventures is expected in 2023.

Bruno Claro

Bruno Claro is the founder of the Correr Lisboa community, which promotes free training and encourages informal sports.
The community was set up eight years ago and since then the number of participants wearing the yellow jersey with the Lisbon crow on their chest has continued to grow.
He has run 16 marathons across Europe and now they're starting a new project that will get Lisbon cycling. | | |


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