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1. Organization

The 31st running of the "Fim da Europa" race (hereinafter referred to as the "Race") is organised by the following organizations:

Câmara Municipal de Sintra, collective person no. 500051062, registered in the Conservatory of the Commercial Registry of Lisbon, with headquarters at Largo Dr. Virgílio Horta, 2714-501 Sintra.

In collaboration with the following entity:

Podium Events, collective person no. 504197088, registered in the Lisbon Commercial Registry Office, with head office at Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco no. 19 - 6º Dto, in Lisbon.

The above mentioned entities (hereafter referred to as "Organization") organize the Event which is exclusively and compulsorily disputed by the duly registered and accepted participants and under the terms foreseen in these Regulations.


2. Participation:

2.1 Conditions of Participation:

Participation is open to all duly registered applicants, regardless of nationality or sex, provided that are in good health and capable of prolonged physical exertion.

The 31st "End of Europe" Race is a road athletics event with competitive nature.

The trail, which links the town of Sintra to Cabo da Roca, crosses the Sintra mountain range along its entire length, so please be warned that it is a winding, exhausting and technically difficult trail.

Taking into account that the participants have 2h30 to cover the first 17 km, they will have to take less than 55 minutes to cover the first 5 km and less than 1h50 to cover the 10 km. All athletes that exceed these times when passing through these posts will be considered out of the race.

The liability of the organization in terms of insurance ends when the official timing of the event is closed (see point "5. Insurance" of these regulations).

It will not be allowed to participate with locomotion aids, namely bicycle, skateboard, skates or wheelchair, with animals or baby strollers accompanying.

It is also forbidden to accompany participants during the route with any type of vehicle, motorized or not.


2.2 Registration:

2.2.1  Type and price of registration

Registrations, limited to 3,000 athletes, are made exclusively through the website until the 31 December 2021 and are non-refundable.

The inclusion of the participants in the first start (Box 1 - 10h00) depends on the presentation, at the moment of the registration, of proof of a classification, in three races (minimum distance of 10km), among the first 10 in the general classification or among the first 3 in their class.

Please send us the documents to

If this choice is no longer available, the athlete must register for the second match and request to the organization, until 31 December 2021, the respective change by providing the same means of proof as those referred to in the first subparagraph.

Any athlete who starts at a different time/Box from the one assigned at the time of registration will be disqualified.

ATTENTION: the change of registration data is only allowed until January 23, 2022. Please note that any data changes will be possible after this date.

Registration fees vary depending on the order of registration and the type of transport chosen, as shown in the table below:



Registration Opens

No Transportation

With transportation



Before the race


Cabo da Roca

After the race

From 1 to 1000

October 21st

16,00 €

18,00 €

20,00 €

From 1001 to 2000

After closing stage I - Nov. 19th

18,00 €

20,00 €

21,50 €

From 2001 to 3000

After closure stage II - Jan. 14th

20,00 €

21,50 €

option BUS 1 closed 

22,50 €

option BUS 2 closed 


Following the existing policy in international competitions, the organization decided not to allow the change of names of registered athletes, because because it would be unfair to the numerous athletes who could not register.

We warn that it is not allowed to run without bib or with someone else's bib, and if someone does it, he will not be covered by the insurance nor will be able to use the transport and supplies provided by the organization.

The organization will do what it can to avoid these situations.


2.2.2    Athlete transportation

  • BUS 1 – transport from Azóia to the Portela de Sintra railway interface, between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. The athletes will have to leave their cars in Azóia, 2,5 Km far from the finish line (Cabo da Roca), before the start of the race.

At the end of the race these athletes will have to go on foot to the parking place of their cars (see figure below);



  • BUS 2 – transport after the race, between Cabo da Roca and the Portela de Sintra railway interface, without any other stops in between.

In any of the transports provided by the Organization, the athletes are obliged to show their bib when using the transport.

Conditioned by the number of athletes to be transported at the end of the race, the buses may eventually have to make two routes between Cabo da Roca and Sintra, which may cause some delay in the return of the last athletes.


2.2.3    Levels

The 31st "End of Europe" Race is open to all athletes whose age, on the date of the race, falls within the following ranges:




18-34 YEARS

M35 and F35

35-39 YEARS

M40 and F40

40-44 YEARS

M45 and F45

45-49 YEARS

M50 and F50

50-54 YEARS

M55 and F55

55-59 YEARS

M60 and F60

60-64 YEARS

M65 and F65


* - The minimum age for participation in the 31st "End of Europe" race is, for both genders, 18 years old (Juniors), and they are included in the "Seniors" category.


2.2.4    Payment Methods

The Means of Payment available for registrants residing in Portugal are multibanco and MbWay.

The payment methods have a time limit of 48 hours, after this limit the registrant has to ask again for new payment data.

The athletes who live outside Portugal, may pay via Paypal or credit card.


2.2.5 Closing of registrations

Entries may be closed earlier than the above date if the limit laid down in point 2.2.1 of these rules is reached.


3. Medical assistance

The organization provides medical support to all participating athletes, with ambulances for emergency care during the course, at the start and finish of the race.

If there is a need for continuing emergency medical care, this will be carried out at the national health service under its responsibility.


4. Security

The police forces will be responsible for managing, planning, controlling and eliminating unauthorized traffic during the events, as well as ensuring safety.

The organization and the police entities, are not responsible, however, for any accidents or damages caused to third parties by the participants.


5. Insurance

All participating athletes, registered according to the procedure described in this regulation, will benefit from an insurance policy covering personal accidents occurring during the event.

This insurance has an excess of 60 euros, which is the responsibility of the claimant.

The responsibility of the organization in terms of insurance ends at the moment when the official timing of the event is closed.

Contracted Guarantees


Death or Permanent Disability

28 046,00 €

Funeral Expenses

2 244,00 €

Treatment and Repatriation Costs

4 487,00 €


60,00 €


6. DGS Standards

Due to the current circumstances and in order to ensure the safety of all participants, the organization defined, in line with the DGS indications, the following extra safety rules:

  • The collection of the participation kits must be made by the participants themselves
  • Mandatory presentation of a vaccination/recovery certificate or an official certificate of a negative COVID 19 test valid on the date of the event when picking up the participation kit; The test may be a PCR (valid 72 hours) or an antigen test (valid 48 hours) presented on an official document with the result, and its validity must include the date of the event;
  • On the day of the picking up of the kit a tyvek paper wristband will be put on the athlete's wrist, without which he will not be able to participate in the event. (control carried out at the entrance of the race area - Volta do Duche, again at the entrance of the boxes and at the entrance of the buses);
  • After the delivery of the kit to the athlete, it will not be allowed to change it;
  • Compulsory hygiene of the hands at the beginning and at the end of the race; The organization will provide in several points, at the start and at the entrance of the finish tent, disinfectant gel for that purpose;
  • Mandatory use of mask until the moment of the start;
  • Each athlete will receive a mask at the end of the race, which should be put on immediately;
  • The support tent at the finish will only be used for the delivery of the supply/recovery kits; therefore, the athlete should stay inside only the time strictly necessary for that purpose;
  • It will not be allowed to use the buses without a mask.

Until one week before the race date, if the DGS general rules in force change, the Organization may update the items mentioned in this point.


7. Transfer of image rights

The registration in the race and the consequent acceptance of these regulations necessarily implies the authorization of the participant so that the organization can make a total or partial recording of his participation, being able to use these images freely for the disclosure and promotion of the race in all media (television, radio, press, internet, posters, cards and flyers, photos and videos). Thus, he cedes all image rights related to the commercial and advertising exploitation of these records, without the right to receive any economic compensation from the organization.


8. Commercial and Advertising Rights

The Organization holds, exclusively, the advertising and commercial rights of the Event, being responsible to negotiate and administer such rights on behalf and in the interest of all participants, sponsors, partners and other entities.

The Organization shall have the exclusive right to receive, retain and distribute all revenues from the exploitation of the commercial and publicity rights.

All contracts or commercial agreements relating to the commercial exploitation of the Event must be scrupulously respected by the participants.

The Participants shall use their best endeavours to ensure fulfilment of the Organization's obligations undertaken in this respect.

Except with the express authorization of the Organization, the Participant is expressly forbidden, during the period of the Race, to display advertising, in any form, and the promotion of companies, products, goods, equipment or services.

The Participant shall be responsible for any costs arising from the use, during and after the event, of trademarks, patents or licenses of intellectual property rights.

In the event that the Organization should be sued for having infringed any of the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Participant is obliged to indemnify the Organization against all costs it may have to incur as a result and any sums it may have to pay in any way whatsoever.


9. Eco-responsibility

Participants are required to behave in a responsible manner with regard to the cleanliness and preservation of the environment in all areas used by the race, from the race route to the start and finish area.

Specific containers will be provided for the deposit of disposable masks.

It is strictly forbidden to throw waste on the ground before, during and at the end of the race.

When applicable, it is up to the participants to take care to keep with them the residues of food and drink packaging used during the race.

At the end of the race and in the supply areas of the course, the organization will make available containers to deposit the garbage carried by athletes.


10. Cancellation or Postponement of the Event

Various reasons may force the organization to suspend, postpone or cancel the race, as well as to make changes to locations, times or the route. In any of these situations, there will be no grounds for non-compliance, the organization will not be held responsible and will not be obliged to compensate any athlete or any other person or entity for this fact.




11. Acceptance of the Term of Responsibility

By registering, all participants accept these regulations and, in case of doubt or if a situation arises that is not covered in these regulations, they must immediately inform the organization and explain their doubts in writing.

By clicking on the box, you are confirming that you agree with the conditions and rules for registration and participation in the Event and with all the conditions set out in these Rules, which is equivalent to declaring the following:

  1. I have read and agree with the OFFICIAL RULES OF FIM DA EUROPA RACE, available on the site;
  2. I am aware of my health condition and confirm that I am physically and psychologically fit to participate in the Event;
  3. I assume that I will not participate in the Event if my health conditions change after registration;
  4. I am aware of the contents of the current insurance policy;
  5. By participating in the race, I freely and unconditionally authorize the Organization and the race partners to use my image. As such, I waive all rights to the use of my image, namely captured in photographs and filming that will take place during the execution of the race, renouncing the receipt of any amount that may be earned with its dissemination in communication pieces of support;
  6. I take part in the Event of my own free will, releasing the Organization, partners, directors, collaborators and other companies connected to the organization of the Event from any responsibility resulting from my participation, before, during and after the Event (such as loss of personal belongings by theft, damage or other circumstances);
  7. I am aware of the conditions of cancellation of the Race which I accept in full.


12. Complaints

Any complaints must be submitted in writing to the organization, at the venue of the event or after the race, to the e-mail:


13. Responsibility

The Organization will not assume responsibility for any damage caused to the person or property of the Participants that can be attributed to the acts of third parties and, likewise, will not assume responsibility for illegal acts beyond its responsibility.

Damages and losses to the Participant's person or property will only be reimbursable if they have been directly caused by the Organization. In any case, the Organization's maximum liability will be limited to a maximum amount of twice the registration fee.

The Organization will not be responsible for any lack of response or delay by the medical services, INEM and/or ambulances.


14. Data Protection

The organization of the 31st Fim da Europa Race fully respects the data protection law currently in force. Athletes acknowledge and authorize the introduction and processing of their personal data in the files of the race organization, for its use in development, administrative and commercial management and other activities. Athletes must indicate the name they wish to see inscribed on the badge, entry lists and final classification, which will be published on the event website. The privacy policy does, however, allow any athlete to request that their data be changed or removed, by means of a request made by e-mail to:

By confirming your registration, you consent to be contacted by Podium, via telephone, SMS and email for the following purposes:

  • payment information
  • participant data information
  • classifying information
  • fitting information

Additionally, if you give your consent at Registration, the participant authorizes the Organization to:

To process personal data received by the Organization or generated as a result of registration in the Race, in order to carry out general commercial actions or those adapted to their profile, by any means (letter, telephone, email, SMS, MMS, instant messaging applications, etc.) on products or services of the Organization and companies belonging to the Podium Events, S.A. group of companies, or related to the organization and running of events, competitions and sporting events, merchandising or similar activities, for the period of time stipulated by the Organization in its internal data retention policies. The participant may revoke this authorization at any time. 

Participants may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation/deletion, opposition, limitation and portability, as recognized by current legislation on the protection of personal data, by writing to the Organization by registered post with recorded delivery to Podium Events, S.A., Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, n.º 19, 6, º Dto, 1070-100 Lisbon or by email

Without prejudice to the Participant being able to exercise the rights previously indicated, the Organization will retain the personal data provided by the Participant and generated as a result of registration and/or participation in the sporting event, for the duration of the event, as well as during the limitation period for any legal action that either party may bring.

After this period, the Organization may keep the personal data processed in order to identify former participants to be able to offer them discounts and promotional campaigns in future events, as well as to be able to offer them products and services of the Organization, provided they have previously authorized it.

For a better understanding of the data protection measures implemented by the Organization, participants should consult the terms of the Privacy Policy published on the official website of the event at


15. Acceptance of the Regulation

By registering and validating the entry for the 31st Fim da Europa Race, participants acknowledge and accept the rules and regulations without reservation, and waive any legal action against the organization arising from their participation in the race.

These regulations may be changed. Any changes, additions or introduction of eventual annexes to these regulations will be published on the official website of the event, which will be tacitly accepted, if within a maximum of eight days from the date of publication they do not object to any of the rules introduced, provided that they do so in writing to the organization via email to

The organization will constitute a Race Jury, composed of five elements of the organization that will decide on the sanctions to apply and on all matters related to the race that were not subject to regulation or misinterpretation of these regulations.

This Regulation shall enter into force on 9 December 2021, repealing all previous provisions or determinations.


16. Date / Time / Place

The 31st "End of Europe" Race will be held on 6 February 2022.

Time: 1st Start - 10h00

         2nd Start - 10h15

Starting Line: Sintra - Volta do Duche near Fonte Mourisca.

Finishing Line: Cabo da Roca.

Time Limit: 2h30 to finish the race distance.

The two starts are due to the fact that the first 4 kilometres of the course are uphill and cannot support a start with more than 2000 participants without the last runners not being forced to walk.

Any athlete who starts at a different time from the one assigned at the time of registration will be disqualified.


17. Suggested parking areas for participants

17. 1 Parking at Azóia: is located in the old football field of Azóia


Due to the traffic cut-off between Azóia and Cabo da Roca, no parking will be allowed along this stretch of the course.


17.2 Parking in Sintra:

Parking in front of the railway interface of Portela de Sintra, just after the roundabout of the Court of Sintra (origin - A16).

  • Parking next to the building of the Department of Urbanism of C. M. de Sintra at the beginning of Avenida Dr. Álvaro de Vasconcelos, in Portela de Sintra.

In any of the situations, the athletes will have to walk to the starting point, in a distance that will be, at most, 1250 meters.



18. Routes and Distances

The race will start near the Mourisca Fountain at Volta do Duche, continue along Rua Visconde de Monserrate, Praça da República, Rua Gil Vicente, Rua Maria Eugénia Reis Ferreira Navarro, Estrada da Pena, turn right onto Estrada dos Capuchos until the convent crossroads, turn left towards Malveira, turn right towards Peninha, cross the EN 247 to Estrada do Cabo da Roca, passing through Azóia, finishing near the Roca lighthouse, over a total distance of 16,945m measured by CNEC/FPA;


19. Supply

The organization will provide, to all athletes, water supplies at 4 km and 9,6 km, as well as hot tea and solid food supplies at the finish line. No supplies will be allowed to athletes outside the established areas.


20. Participation Kit

The athlete's participation kit consists of a technical T-shirt allusive to the race, the paper dorsal "tyvek", with non-detachable chip, cloakroom sticker and health check bracelet.

Participation kits may be picked up during February 4 and 5 (between 10h00 am and 10h00 pm), at at Alegro Sintra Shopping Center, floor 1, central area.

The collection of participation kits must be made by the participants themselves.

It is compulsory to present a vaccination/recovery certificate or an official certificate of a negative COVID 19 test, valid on the date of the competition when picking up the participation kit; the test can be a PCR (valid 72hours) or an antigen test (valid 48hours) presented in an official document with the result, and its validity must include the date of the competition.

On the day of the kit pick-up, a tyvek wristband will be placed on the athlete's wrist, without which the athlete will not be able to participate in the race.

After the delivery of the kit, no exchange will be allowed.

There will be no kit delivery on the day of the race.


Official Shirt Sizes (Length/Width)

Size S - 70 cm / 49 cm

Size M – 72 cm / 52 cm

Size L – 74 cm / 55 cm

Size XL – 76 cm / 58 cm

Size XXL – 77 cm / 61 cm



The bib provided must be placed on the chest, in a visible way.

The chip is coded for each participant and is personal and non-transferable.

The organization is not responsible for the failure to present results resulting from negligent handling, misplacement and/or deterioration of the chip.

The luggage tag must be placed, visibly, on the bag/backpack that the participant wants to send to the arrival (see point 23.).


21.Timing system

The organization guarantees the timekeeping of all athletes through a chip system placed on the bib.

The timing begins, for each athlete, at the moment he/she crosses the starting line and ends at the moment the athlete crosses the finish line.

The timing of the entire event will end 2h30 after the second start, and the car circulation will be re-established from 12h45.



During the race, there will be a control of athletes' passage.


23. Cloakroom

A mobile cloakroom will be made available, ensuring the transportation of the athletes' bags to the finish place, and they must ensure the proper packaging and closing of the same in order to avoid the loss of objects and/or valuables, a situation for which the organization is not responsible. The bags must be properly identified with the badge provided and placed in the vans until 9.30 a.m. After this time the organization does not provide any transportation.


24. Classifications

The classification for the purpose of awarding prizes will be based on order of arrival of the first male and female athletes, regardless of their starting time.

In the 24 hours following the end of the race, the classification by class will be published. These classifications will only serve to position the athletes within their class, according to the time made, not being used for awarding prizes.

For the purpose of class rating the chip time will be counted, that is, the time that the athlete takes since he crosses the starting line until the moment he reaches the finish line, regardless of the departure time.


25. Awards

All participants will receive the finisher medal at the end of the race.

The prizes will be awarded by the absolute classification, i.e., by the order of arrival of the athletes at the finish line, regardless of their starting time.

Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 athletes in the general classification, in each of the genders, regardless of age/grade.

They will only be available for collection during the awards ceremony, and it will not be possible to collect them after the ceremony is over.


26. Cases of omission

All cases omitted in this Regulation will be solved by a Race Jury, composed by five elements of the organization, which will decide on the sanctions to apply and on all matters related to the race that were not subject to regulation or on misinterpretations of this Regulation.


27. Contacts

Official website:

E-mail for matters relating to registration:

E-mail for general enquiries: