• Welcome

    Dear Athletes,

    First of all, Thank you!

    Thank you for the care expressed around the “Fim da Europa” Grand Prize in its latest editions.

    Scheduled to take place on 25th January it is considered by many as one of the finest races in Portugal - the “Fim da Europa” Grand Prize in its 25th edition.

  • There is hardly a more beautiful race

    Understand why someone wrote on the Mundo da Corrida [Racing World] forum "There is hardly a more beautiful race !".

    The race is on page 5 in the prestigious guide "World's Ultimate Running Races" Harper Colling Publishers, which highlights the 500 most iconic events worldwide.

  • Grande Prémio Fim da Europa

    25.JAN.2015 - 10h00

    Sintra and its mountain range are truly unique. Surely they are very beautiful.

    But above all, unique.

    It is this uniqueness that is the foundation of Sintra’s fame, its international reputation among poets, artists and thinkers.... and now popular among athletes and runners!

  • Between the Mountains and the Sea

    The snaking of the mountains, its natural beauty, its monuments and the arrival at the sea, right at the end of Europe were, no doubt, the motivation that, for nearly 3 decades, led a group of people to launch this challenge to only a few hundred participants.

    Today, it is joined by the desire of a few thousand people in running this race that, in addition to the beautiful scenery, is a personal challenge, due to the hardness of the course, the winter weather and the fraternisation.

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  • Compete to win the race, or participate to win a challenge?
  • After several kilometres down, the sea right there at the bottom
  • Two filling stations to revitalise the participants
  • Live and feel the Mountain... until the End of Europe
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